Summer camp 2021

Summer camp 01-15 July 2021, Bouillon, Belgium

We will build a tent on tilts again this year!


The summer camp is the main event organized by the Verdaj Skoltoj. It is open to everyone between 8 and 20 years old. More information about our group is available here.

  • you don’t speak Esperanto? We’ll teach you.
  • you’re not a scout yet? It doesn’t matter.
  • you’re not used to camping? We’ll help you.

You probably have many more questions. Especially if it’s your first camp. You can already find many answers here. Don’t forget that leaders are here to help you: contact them!

If you’re interested, take part in the preparation. We prepare and participate in the camp together. We’ll organize online meetings to prepare the set up and present the topics. If you’re a beginner in Esperanto, we’ll adapt and we can translate if necessary; anyway it would be a good opportunity for you to learn more the language.

Scouting is a special experience! However, we follow the rules of the place in which we are. We neither smoke nor drink alcohol.

Lupo – la fundinto
Three groups, three programs
  • 8-11 yo, la Lupidoj (maximum 14 participants). Dama and Korsako will lead them.
  • 12-16 yo, la Esploristoj (maximum 20 participants). Abelo and Lupo will lead them.
  • 17-20 yo, la Roveroj. They will manage on their own.

We are limiting the number of participants due to the pandemic.

The three groups will be on the same meadow but in different areas. A few workshops will be in common. However, each of the three groups will have its own atmosphere and program. The Lupidoj will discover the jungle with Mowgli. The Esploristoj will woodcraft, cook, play, manage and… explore (what a surprize!). The Roveroj will do what they decided and planned.

The first step will be to woodcraft massively, because this time we borrowed a green field.

Kuraĝu aventurojn!

Bongo, dancu kun mi – iama verda skolto


We borrowed the place from Thursday 1 to Thursday 15 July. Note your possibilities in the registration form, then we’ll decide the start and end date of the summer camp.

Where? And how to get there?

We borrowed a remote meadow next to the village Botassart, Belgium. See on google maps.

It is possible to get to that village by bus, then go to the camp site by foot. Some of us will go there by car, so we can organize carpooling or travel in groups, if that helps. Groups could start from Paris, Brussels, Bruges, Charleroi-Airport…

The meadow is quite big (95 time 33 meters). But somewhat sloped. The Exploristoj and the Roveroj will build tents on tilts, tables, toilets, showers…

Not far away is Bouillon with its medieval castle (which we’ll explore during a game)

How much does it cost?

First you have to be member of the association Verdaj Skoltoj. The yearly contribution is 50€. Our group offers discounted contribution, if you you need for economical reasons. The discounted contribution is 10€.

The contribution for the summer camp is 15€ for each night minus your traveling costs. Your contribution is negative? It often happens. Then don’t have to pay anything. 😉

It is possible to pay in several times and to ask our solidarity fund for a financial support. Please contact Lupo for that:

How to register?

Here is the registration form!

Because our scout group is insured, we need you (or your parents) to fill a health sheet and (for minor children) a parental consent sheet. These documents are here in several languages.

It is also possible to register by mail at

Who will participate?

Here is the list of participants!