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First camp?

It’s your first camp and you have many questions? You will find many answers here. If you still have questions that we didn’t answer, ask them! We will then be able to improve this page 😉

We are currently creating a more general Frequently Asked Questions page on scouting, Esperanto and our organisation. It’s coming soon!

Is it a problem if I don’t speak Esperanto?

Esperanto is our only common language. If you join the Verdaj Skoltoj and participate in the camp, it’s firstly to enjoy yourself and make new friends, but also to learn this language, practice it and improve your skills.

Beginners are welcome. However we will ask you to get ready a little bit. Afterall you don’t come without your sleeping bag ! It would also be strange to participate without knowing a single word in Esperanto, wouldn’t it?

So we’ll help you to learn the basics before the camp. Once you know the basics, you’ll be able to enjoy much better the camp and its atmosphere and you’ll then make huge progress in Esperanto.

For Lupidoj (8-11 years), we will talk with your parent to find the best solution.

For Eksploristoj (12-15 years) and Roveroj (16-20 years), about ten hours of learning is often enough to manage to communicate. But then you’ll also need to attend an Esperanto course or self-study Esperanto in the morning during the camp… If I were you, I’d try to learn as much as I can before the camp to take full advantage of those 15 days.

What if I don’t understand anything?

It happens. Sometimes, even with good will and effort, you may “get stuck”, you may not understand some things, or you may simply be too tired. In such cases, we will translate necessary information for you.

Moreover, for safety reasons in case of a problem or an accident, we would like to have a common language with you. As several of our leaders speak english, it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

When does the camp actually begin? Do I have to participate the whole camp?

As participants come from different regions and countries, not every one of them has same holidays. So we have to adapt as much as we can. We won’t refuse someone just because they have school until 5 July or because their return ticket is on 16 July!

However, to take full advantage of the camp, try to stay as long as you can!

Is it a problem if I have never done scouting/I have never camped?

Not at all. Leaders are here to help you. There are new participants and beginners in every camp and it has always worked well. We will help you prepare so that you feel ready.

Is there really just a meadow? How do you manage to wash yourself? What about toilets?

To wash ourselves we use water and soap!

More seriously, we have a few camping showers. It allows us to have some pression and warm water (when it’s sunny). Nobody is forced to shower with cold water at 7am… Sometimes, however, leaders have to ask some participants to wash themselves XD

We build one or two dry toilets depending on the number of participants. It’s very convenient!

What equipment should I pack?

An up to date list of the necessary equipment is sent a few weeks before the camp. Last years’ list is here.

If you come from the South… welcome in the Noooorth! Don’t forget to pack some jumpers, a rain jacket, etc. In early July in Belgium, nights are chilly!

You don’t have any sleeping bag? Or hiking backpack? You fly there and therefore cannot bring a knife? Our group has some spare equipment and can lend it to you. Don’t forget to inform you first! Unless you prefer to spend one or two nights without sleeping bag…

see you soon!

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