Scouts, « what’s that? » you might ask

Scouting is a huge movement of youth launched in Great Britain in 1907. The movement has now more than 25 million young people as members and adults as support. (from Wikipedia)

Scouting is an education movement. It aims to make young people grow in all their personal aspects (corporeal, intellectual, emotional, social et spiritual) and to make them citizens, locally and internationally.

Scouting is based on a few tenets. Be concrete, non-formal with young people, use self-learning with others… More than a century later, it still is a current subject.

Scouts are very different throughout the world : Europeans generally build wooden constructions, Mongols like horse riding in the steppe, Sea Scouts sail… Similarly, the Green Scouts have their specificities.

Verdaj Skoltoj

Since 2012, our association Verdaj Skoltoj (Green Scouts in Esperanto) offers scouting in Esperanto. We organize an inter cultural scouting with Esperanto as common language.

Our members come from various areas, speak different languages and have different cultures. Some come from Esperanto families, others learn quickly the language.

Our scouting is secular, mixed and gather the scout traditions (scouts have to manage themselves and gradually take charge of the organization) with new scout tendencies. You are all welcome!

Three groups

Needs and abilities are not the same depending on the age. That is why we have 3 groups :

  • 8-11 years old, the Wolf Cubs
  • 12-16 years old, the Explorers
  • 17-20 years old, the Rovers