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Linko’s music

Linko’s music

During a verdaj skoltoj meeting, Lupo’s car got stuck in the mud. The scouts received a SMS: “I got the car stuck in mud” and they immediately saw the opportunity to create a song to always remember this historical event. It didn’t take long until that song became the officially elected hymn of the verdaj skoltoj.

While getting bored in my free time I haphazardly stumbled over a website ( on which one can import “.mid” files (they are music files) and add notes and use sounds of different instruments. At first I just played around a bit with a random song from the online esperanto song book ( I had never used such a program before and tried the different sounds, some of which went well with the song, most of which not that much… After some trying out, however, I found good combinations and while I was so focused on creating a more modern version of “ekfloretis blanka roza flor'” (“a white rose began to bloom”) the whole evening passed by.

Here is the original version:

And here is my modernized version, more suitable for the club:

The next day I thought “hm, that was a pleasant and fun game. I want to do more of it!” and I asked Dingo if he had an idea what other song I could adapt. His suggestion was that I do an orchestral version of the hymn of the verdaj skoltoj. Thus I started my computer and searched for a “.mid” file of the original melody. Having found a free file I started to build a new version from it, a “linko” version. I used different instruments and in troublesome handwork added individual notes, a second voice (harmony) using violins, a bass line with trombone and french horn and cellos as accompaniment. As a last brushstroke I used a vibraphone and threw some high notes into the pauses between the different parts of the melody. Originally I had intended to use a triangle, but the program only had an 8-bit triangle, which didn’t match the other instruments I used. After having tried different instruments I found that the vibraphone went best used like that.
In the end I embellished the bassline a bit and behold, linko’s orchestral version of the hymn of the verdaj skoltoj.

Have fun listening!

The original version, in which it is difficult to hear the melody:

And my arranged, more pompous version:

I still feel like one could add something, but for the moment I am content. If any of you would like to suggest improvements I would be very glad!

Maybe you would like to create an amazing piece yourself?

Scout’s greetings,



[Revision 19.02.2021]

With the program LMMS I was able to create a better sounding version.

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