They guide the scouts in their adventures.
They guide the explorers (11-15yo) or the pioneers (16-20yo), they deal with menus, purchases, this website, social media, communication, etc.
They are one team and divide tasks depending on their respective availability.

LupoLupo who created the Green Scouts

Valère Doumont (41 yo) is a qualified leader (Wood Badge), a professional educator and a skilful esperantist (C1 diploma). He launched the project Verdaj Skoltoj in November 2012.


Michaela Stegmaier (26 yo) comes from Herzberg (Esperanto-city). Having studied geology in Braunschweig, Germanio, she works as a leader as a project ingineer. She joined us in 2017.

Dingothe druid

Simon Huterau (23 j) takes part in the Green Scouts since 2012. He studied control theory and computer science in Troyes and Reims (France). He plans to do a long bicycle tour.

Korsakothe DJ

Thomas Demeyere (21 j) comes from Bruges, and is very proud about it. He sometimes creates religions to get the party started.


Clara Sparenberg (19 j) lives in Brussels, where the most delicious French fries are found. When she is not eating French fries, Dama studies psychology.

Support team

They assist us by their hard work.


Jean-Pol Sparenberg is our treasurer.


Christine Brücker organises Esperanto-related events (PEKO, FESTO, etc).


Maureen Hurstel (18 j) hunts lost sheep for us.